Autocare Cars Jersey has been created and is offered to serve you with the following aims:

  • To offer experienced, helpful and transparent automotive services for car sales, servicing, and related service provisions.
  • To identify facts by their references and sources, wherever available.
  • To identify opinion where our commentary is based upon a range of experience but not specifically attributable to research or evidence.
  • To provide clear identification of any sponsored content or links.
  • To offer links to our industry peers, without condition of sponsorship, for recognition of and direction to primary sources of information.
  • To promote, time, cost, and energy-efficiency in property development — through the use of technology, policies, and communications designed to save time, money and uncertainty in planning for developments.
  • To invest in the health, safety and security of customers, colleagues and partners.
  • To re-invest in development and innovation — for the continued improvement and sharing of knowledge and efficiency gains experience.
  • To campaign for the promotion of fairness and equality in all areas where we have an opportunity to, or can influence, by example or shared insight.
  • To operate lawfully, respectfully, and responsibly to the society that affords us to exist and serve in mutual respect of freedoms and innovation in improving the quality of life for those directly and indirectly reliant upon our fairness and accountability.
  • To support education in healthy environments, energy-efficiency, cultural preservation and inclusive discussion — for Autocare management and technology, and neighbourly social-responsibility.
  • To make resource-efficient choices in our uses of energy and raw materials, where available, and share experience for others to benefit from the same.
  • To respect personal privacy, and the right to have personal data protected, and forgotten.
  • To promote security, trust and integrity through the use of documented technology, published policy, and open debate on available optionality or, where lacking, encouragement for innovation.
  • To make carbon-neutral or reducing resource usage decisions, avoid or minimise negative externalities, and contribute insight and experience to avoid, avert or reduce negative impacts, wherever possible.
  • To re-use, renew and recycle wherever possible.
  • To prefer lower noise, pollution, and environmental impact transport options, and remote working options, wherever practical.
  • To apologise if we make a mistake, explain what happened, learn, and evolve to continually minimise any negative risks involved in our operations.
  • To ensure our suppliers, clients and partners are notified of this mission statement, are encouraged to adopt their own similar policies, and are offered the free use and adaption of our own under GNU GPL licence terms [1].
  • To be a net contributor and positive influence to the societies we enjoy the benefits of.

Footnotes & References

[1] GNU General Public License – GPL